Back Office Services

Back Office Services can be the trickiest element for a small business owner to get a handle on, it can also be the most time consuming and costly. Too often people try to do it themselves to save cost (which costs time!) or perhaps you buy the time of a bookkeeping service but only for limited fixed periods per week. RBOSS offers total end-to-end Back Office Services that includes:

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Invoicing & Debt Collection
  • Recording of Contractor Payroll Info
  • Debtors Funding
  • Debtors Funding Reconciliations
  • Weekly Cash-flow reports forecasting 90 days
  • Monthly P/L and Balance Sheet Reports designed specifically to provide in depth financial analysis to the Recruitment Industry.
  • BAS & Tax Returns
  • Tax Advice and Planning (Business & Personal)

You can also view our Business Support Services here.