Why Use Rboss – $600 Fixed Monthly Fee

We charge $600 per month to maintain your bookkeeping, provide cash flow reports, complete your Tax returns.

This includes meaningful monthly profit and loss reports. I also provide monthly business advice based on my 25+ years in the industry.

Compare this with the cost of an External Accountant (circa $4k pa) and a part-time Bookkeeper and you can see that for $138 per week you receive value.

BAS Lodgement & Tax Advice/Negitiations


RBOSS loves Pommy Recruiters

Best Time to Engage RBoss

The best time to engage RBOSS is right after you have started your agency.

Words to Live By

We know that as busy self-employed Recruiters you may run out of time during the week to attend to the business side of things. Integral to the RBOSS service is our availability outside standard work hours to discuss financial aspects of your business – this includes week-ends. Does an External Accounting Firm or an employed Bookkeeper offer this degree of service?

Why Use RBoss

We get your financial reports ready by the 5th business day of the new month so you know exactly how you performed so you can celebrate or have plenty of time to take corrective action.

What is RBOSS?

In our experience, small business owners have 2 common pain points – finance administration and operational planning for success.
Enter RBOSS.

The real cost of a week of public holidays on small recruitment businesses.

There is nothing an employee loves more than the years Easter Runs into Anzac day or Christmas and New Years falls mid week. What could be better than paid days off?! But as a small business owner this can a stressful time of year.

Do you have what it takes to start your own Recruitment Business?

So first we established that you want to take the plunge into the life of a self-employed recruiter. Well you think you do – you’ve established the things that you don’t like about being an employee and that being on your own could combat those issues. You’ve given serious thought to the financial implications – how can you survive personally, how you can fund business overheads and now comes the third and probably most critical element – do you have what it takes?

Start a business with the right business support.

Self-employment is a monumental and life changing step. It takes a lot of consideration and personal reflection about what you want to achieve and the lifestyle you ultimately want to create for yourself moving forward. You might find that the parts that scare you, the unknown, don’t need to be so scary after all when you have the right support around you –maybe 2019 is the time to start considering creating your own success and lining your own pockets!