How technology can make Recruitment Human again.

Trawling through the back catalogues I found an article I wrote 5 years ago about a growing murmurs about how technology was going to make Recruiters obsolete, it’s funny looking back now because the technology they predicted then was so far from where we are today! Even then my stance was that it was not going to happen. Sure technology should definitely be making the processes easier but I believe then, and still do now that better technology in the recruitment process should actually make the people MORE important.

Speaking to Shortlist last month, JobAdder CEO Brett Iredale discussed how 2019 was going to be the year of automation, with JobAdder being on the verge of a fully automated process from receiving a job right through to interview booking.

The part that still isn’t better than a human? Matching. A computer isn’t capable of matching the right candidate to the right job in the way a human can, they might be 60-70% of the way there, but in order for the process to be fully automated, it needs to be better than a human.

He says “Everyone’s racing to solve that problem, including us, and once that happens, we’re going to see an enormous shift in the way that recruitment technology works, because once the matching side of it is automated, we can almost throw people off their computers…”

What will this mean for the industry? It means the human interaction can once again become the focus.

So much of the recruitment process has moved online, in many senses this has been a fabulous improvement to the manila folders and rows of filing cabinets of years gone by, but to some it has also increased the amount of time spent tied to a desk, computer or smartphone, making sure all steps in the technological chain are ticked off. With every new technology released if it doesn’t actually supersede an old system it just adds a step in the process.

Automated services, once tried and tested, could remove a lot of the “admin”. Recruiters might actually get to spend more time with potential candidates, might not need to rush through interviews (or if you are one of the cowboys you might decide to actually start interviewing in the first place!!), could have more time face to face with clients getting to really understand their business and business needs.

Recruitment at it’s core, is about people. It really is quite simple! A computer can’t (yet!) assess a company culture, read between the lines of a resume or tell a client they know their business so well you just need to trust that this is a person you want to meet off paper. With the right technology to assist, the recruiter should become better at the job, more insightful, more human. Because here is the secret, it is the human element that will ensure recruiters don’t become an obsolete part of the process.

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