Six Ways To Establish A Strong Employee-Mentor Connection In The Tech Space

Tech has one of the highest employee turnover rates in any industry. This can be problematic for technology companies looking to create a strong company culture, one that retains talented IT employees.

Using mentors can be an effective way to encourage tech employees to stay. These mentors can help young IT professionals develop their skills, as well as show them the benefits of sticking around. Mentors can help them grow with the company, as well as guide them toward new opportunities within the organization.

Below, six IT Leaders weigh in on some of the most effective ways to connect young employees with mentors in the technology space, as well as touch on some of the benefits that mentors gain. Here is what they had to say:

1. Ensure A Two-Way Exchange

Having a qualified pool of mentors is critical to connecting these young employees to relevant, and experienced professionals. The mentors should also get something in return from the young employee, like information on what’s trending with that segment of employees, or what they care about. This two-way exchange is beneficial for both parties, resulting in a win-win relationship! – Linda Chuan, Thomson Reuters

2. Leverage Relevant Technology

There are more opportunities than ever before to network with potential mentors and advisors. With the introduction of new technology into nearly every market, including shipping and logistics, young employees are encouraged to network with those who have watched technology transform the industry over the last five years. These individuals look forward to benefiting from tomorrow’s technology – Sedat Saka, MTS Logistics, Inc

3. Match For Common Background And Experiences

Mentors are most open to young people who are going through similar challenges that they have traversed. Thus, aligning the mentees with mentors from similar academic, professional, or regional experiences typically results in the most value-added connections. – Parker Treacy, Cobli

4. Always Be A Student Of The Game

Teach them the history of technology and to always be a student of the game. Take an initiative to be aware enough to participate in conversations in technology about things they relate to, such as social media or online social interactive games. Earn respect by being able to do what you ask of your employees, so that you can better connect with and evaluate them. – Barry Henthorn, ReelTime Media AKA ReelTime VR

5. Get Mentors Out Of Silos

Getting mentors out of their silos is important. Oftentimes, more seasoned mentors are difficult to access and reach. Young employees can benefit from greater access to experienced mentors through events or networks. – Benjamin Nguyen, Sidebench

6. Make It A Key Aspect Of A Mentor’s Job

The biggest challenge facing young recent graduates entering a large company or corporate environment is culture shock. To support their transition, mentoring by more experienced employees is essential. A key to successfully connecting the new employees to mentors is to flip the equation and have the mentors see this as a key aspect of their job, seeking opportunities to play this role. – William Flannery, Wolters Kluwer

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