How technology can improve Recruiter workflow.

The tech landscape is changing every day. There is a man on the moon style race for workflow automation with all the major players vying to deliver the most effective, online, mobile, automated service. Platforms also realised long ago that they didn’t need to provide an everything to every man solution. With a strong core product and the ability for seamless integration, other technologies could prop up their systems shortcomings.

Technology and a contingent workforce.

A shifting legal landscape that is seeing more sanctions, fines and class actions lawsuits than ever before, has put the spotlight on employer compliance.

Fear of increased scrutiny of employer practises has sparked a rise in the use of a contingent workforce. Contractor agencies and technology are being utilised to ensure data management and on-boarding practises are aligned with changing legislation.

Sydney based tech “Humanforce” has recently raised $22.5 million in a first round raise for a global expansion. “The contingent workforce is a global revolution in the way we live and work. Today’s mobile worker presents multiple challenges for employers when it comes to tracking, planning and payment” founder Bruce Mackenzie told He believes traditional technologies are not fit for purpose in this ever-changing landscape. They don’t satisfy requirements of both employer and employee.

Emerging tech needs to satisfy both the employer, and the casual worker. “Humanforce” has foreseen the need for tools to assist the growing casual workforce. These include apps that will show available shifts across various employers, travel time between jobs, and the net value of jobs after expenses such as transport costs.

Many employers are accepting the need to embrace flexibility and alternative work schedules. The emergence of the “gig-economy” means organisations are having to replace traditional processes surrounding hiring, rostering and payroll. But, it is a landscape that is constantly iterating; the requirements for today’s workforce could look completely different long before we hit 2020.

User friendly and robust technology solutions are the key moving forward. Tech will need to allow workplaces to move with the times whilst remaining compliant in order avoiding potentially crippling fines, lawsuits and brand damage.

How technology can make Recruitment Human again.

With popular recruitment software company’s getting closer and closer to full process automation, this might be exactly what the industry needs to ensure Recruiters have the time for more face to face interactions.